Goomba Village

Kuva Goomba Villagesta.

Goomba Village (suom. Goomba Kylä) on pieni kylä Paper Mario -pelissä. Goombario tuli Marion "jengiin" Goomba Villagessa. Goomba Villagessa asuu lähinnä "kilttejä" Goombia, mutta myös Toadeja.


Paikan tattlet

  • According to Goombaria, this is where you landed. Something about this clearing feels weird. I can't really say exactly what, though...
  • I think this is Jr. Troopa's secret base. That crazy kid! Whenever I try to explore in there, he freaks out. He needs to chill.
  • These are the woods behind my house. Until a little while ago, Goombaria and I use to play hide-and-seek here... but there have been a lot of evil Goombas and Paragoombas spotted in the area, so Mom doesn't let us play anymore.
  • These are the woods behind my house. Careful! There are many bad Goombas around here. Sorry... I'm sure that you can probably take care of yourself, huh?
  • This is Goomba Village. My family lives here. There's also a Toad House, which, as you probably know, is a good place to take a rest. That big tree near my house is a great place to get Goomnuts.

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